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The Preaching Contest: spreading the Gospel beyond boundaries!

Are you ready for the challenge? Has God called you as a Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist or Apostle? 
Here is a contest you would never want to miss. Join in, participate and showcase your God-given talent...and eventually get in line to win the prices in stock for the best four. Note and remember that this competition is 


How to register?

  • Complete the form below (on this page) by providing your details

  • Post your video on your preferred social media platform (Facebook or Instagram)

  • Include the dedicated hashtags when posting your content


Who can participate?

  • Anyone between the age of 15 and 40 years old

  • Male and Female who are confident in the Word of God

  • Christians (CCC members and non-members)



  • A smartphone (with camera)

  • Access to the Internet


Instructions and important rules:

  • You MUST register with your full name

  • You MUST be identifiable on social media [NO FAKE PROFILES]

  • You MUST turn on your camera

  • Your room/environment MUST be lit and bright

  • Your video MUST be uncensored and unedited

  • You CANNOT read from notes 

  • You MUST be creative and unique

  • Your preaching/sermon MUST be in English language

  • DO NOT copy someone else's work [NO PLAGIARISM] 

  • Your video MUST NOT be longer than the given duration

  • When posting your video, you MUST use one or all the give hashtags (or mention our social media handle)

Stages and timelines:

  • Stage 1 - During this first stage of the competition you are to post a 100 seconds video regarding the given key bible passage (Psalm 103:19). The Judges will carefully select the 20 contestants who will qualify to the next stage, and contact them about the next stage of the audition. This stage opens from Friday 8th @ 3pm, and closes Tuesday 19th September @ 3pm

  • Final stage: This will be a live show to be held online, on Thursday 21st September 2023. All finalist will be emailed about the task to complete and the expectations of the judging panel.

Cash Prizes:

  • 1st  position ~     £1,000                                              

  • 2nd position ~    £500                                             

  • 3rd position ~     £250                                             

  • 4th position ~     £40


As default, we  presume that by entering this contest, you have granted us the permission to  use, share and re-post your content via our social media channels. If otherwise, please inform us by getting in contact  via email at


DISCLAIMER: We believe that all participants will compete with utmost integrity and fear of God in their heart; any individual caught breaking any mentioned rules will be disqualified with immediate effect. 

May the best win the contest!

The Preachers Contest
is proudly sponsored by 

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