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Praying Girl
Our Mission

Who We Are

The Rehoboth Family is a church devoted to developing a holy consciousness. We believe that worship is something that can be expressed in everything we do, whether nourishing our bodies with food, chatting with friends, playing music, or enjoying nature. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook.


We are people responding to God’s boundless love, guided by the Holy Spirit to:

  • Grow in faith and understanding of God’s will;

  • Proclaim God’s Word through worship, Bible study and prayer;

  • Nurture, care for and share our gifts and resources with God’s children; and

  • Welcome others to join with us in sharing His Love in this Community and the world at large.

In doing this, we hope to evangelise the Good News of our Father and win souls for heaven.


So, whatever your age, gender or race, there is a special place for you at our Church. We offer members a chance to become part of something greater, to grow their love for God and for one another in our beautiful community.


Get in touch today or swing by for a visit.

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