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The Leadership

Most Superior Evangelist J.D. Nunayon

International HQ. Representative / Spiritual Father

Pa' Nunayon is our Spiritual Father and Vision-Carrier of The Rehoboth Family.

He directs all the spiritual affairs of the Church.

He is the founder of this parish and an icon of CCC W/W. 


Superior Evangelist Solomon Adejumo

Shepherd TRF London

Tasked to look after the spiritual growth of household of faith, Shepherd Adejumo drives the evangelical and spiritual arms of the church. He ensures the delivery of the gospel and sets the standards expected of the members of The Rehoboth Family.

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Superior Evangelist Pius Olarewaju

TRF Life Grand Patron

He advises the Church when it comes to developing ideas and strategies.
With his influence within the community he promotes and support TRF across CCC.

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