COVID-19 Updates

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

In this section of the website you will be able to read more about how Coronavirus has impacted the Church and the decisions we have had to take to create a safe place and method of worship. Visit this page often to ensure you are regularly updated.


  • Church closure and service suspension, in line with UK Government's guidelines;

  • Free phone line for private consultations available for those affected by COVID-19;

  • Offered two sets of palliative relief funds for members and general public in need;

  • Started a series of weekly Bible classes for the youth of The Rehoboth Family;

  • Celebrated, Palm Sunday, Holy Easter, Pentecost Day, Juvenile Harvest 2020

  • Delivered COVID-19 relief funds to the elderly and widows in the community;

  • Healthcare Professionals delivered two Mental Health Workshops to encourage the public during the global pandemic

  • Online quiz and games to engage and entertain the kids of The Rehoboth Family;

  • Cleaning and sanitisation of the church in view of the re-opening of the building.


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