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Pastor David

Overseer Shepherd TRF Int'l

Pastor David, also known within the Ministry as Superior Evangelist Yemi Adesiyan, is the Senior Shepherd of The Rehoboth Family World Wide.

A distinct evangelist, diligent apostle, intriguing author, and wise teacher.


His commitment is evident as he delivers God’s word passionately. After several years of running away from the calling of the Lord (an act like Jonah's) he finally accepted after he was given a message that “I am the Lord, make your choice. I can make you disabled and will still use you as my vessel to deliver my message.” In this end time, God is not wasting time, and is recruiting irrespective of age, race, and gender. The harvest is ripe but workers are few.


Pastor David’s evangelistic journey has encompassed travel throughout the US, Europe, Canada and Nigeria. He has been committed to winning souls to Christ, and has been affecting people of various ethnic, religious, and economic affiliations around the world. Not only does he teach, but he also pushes people to grow to higher levels of achievements in their personal lives. He addresses life-issues, such as religion, education, economic awareness, and family life.


Apart from his love for his family, he enjoys playing Scrabble, traveling and driving long distance, and listening to deep, heaven lifting, praise and worship music.

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