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Celestial Church of Christ Rehoboth Parish, London

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"In the presence of God there is fullness of  joy..."

Wed: 9am - Needy Service [PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL]

Wed: 7pm - Mercy Day Service [PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL]

1st Thu: 10pm - New Moon Service [PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL]

Friday: 7pm - Power Day Service [PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL]

Friday: 9pm - Prophetic Ministry Meeting [PHYSICAL]

Saturday (fortnightly): 12noon - 3pm - 'Food Bank Pantry' [PHYSICAL]

Sunday: 9am - 'In His Presence' [PHYSICAL]

Sunday: 10am - Glorious Day Service [PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL]

Reaching out to the community around us

We shall never forget how the Good Shepherd sacrificed his life and paved the path so that we could be saved. Accordingly, serving in the vineyard is a big part of of our doctrine in Celestial Church of Christ.

At The Rehoboth Family, we provide opportunities for our members to serve through various ministries. The power of our community is demonstrated by our desire to serve others. What gifts and abilities can you bring?

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